Be A Fit Kid!

The FitKid program is nationally recognized.

Angel Island - FitKid FishingAre you a FitKid? It's up to you!

The California Parks Company developed its FitKid program to battle childhood obesity and to reward kids for making healthy lifestyle and eating choices. On Angel Island, being a FitKid is all about choices. It’s about making the healthy choice, whether it’s the food you eat or the way you play. And oh yeah, it’s about getting cool prizes too!

We know it’s not always easy to pick a healthy snack over a candy bar, or go for a hike instead of playing a video game (just 5 more minutes, Mom!), but this program is designed to reward you for making those good choices. The rewards are fun prizes you can use to make all your friends jealous.

On photo at right: Pazor Vue, "A" student from Ruth Gilly's 8th grade class, with her fish.

Angel Island - Be a FitKidExciting Fitkid Trips

As part of the program, Angel Island Company partnered with Ms. Ruth Gilly, an 8th grade history teacher at Martin Luther King Technology Academy in Sacramento, to develop a year-long curriculum that integrated the components of the FitKid program.

The high achieving students were rewarded with two field trips. The first trip was to Stemple Creek Ranch, a grass-fed beef ranch near Bodega Bay. During that trip the kids learned about raising grass-fed beef, and then got to enjoy a tasty barbeque prepared by visiting Chef Ed Vigil of Vin Antico Restaurant in San Rafael.

Angel Island - Stemple Creek Ranch TripThe final trip, for only the highest achievers in the class, was a day on Angel Island complete with trip to the United States Immigration Station's Museum and a healthy lunch prepared by Angel Island Company's Event Staff.

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